How to Handle Tooth Trauma: Steps to Take When a Tooth is Injured

How to Handle a Tooth Trauma: Steps to Take When a Tooth is InjuredHow

I have been providing dental care to the wonderful community of Beecroft for a while now and in that time, I’ve seen my fair share of dental emergencies, and a common concern is tooth trauma. Whether it’s a chipped tooth from a sporting accident or a fall, a sudden blow to the mouth can be alarming. The good news is, with prompt action, we can often save the tooth and get your smile back on track.


We understand the importance of acting quickly in case of tooth trauma. While we operate within regular business hours, we strive to schedule same-day appointments whenever possible for urgent dental needs. This allows us to assess the damage and initiate treatment before any further complications arise. Don’t hesitate to call us – we’re here to help!

how to handle tooth trauma

Facing a Dental Emergency? Here’s How We Can Assist You:

      • Experienced and Caring Team: Led by myself our team is not only highly qualified but also empathetic and understanding. We know dental emergencies can be stressful, and we’ll do everything we can to ease your anxiety and get you feeling better quickly.

      • Same Day Emergency policy: Our Same Day Emergency policy ensures we make every effort to accommodate you with a same-day appointment. We understand the urgency of your situation and will work diligently to provide you with the care and relief you need as quickly as possible.

      • Fast and Efficient Treatment: Time is of the essence when dealing with tooth trauma. We’ll get you seen as soon as possible and provide the necessary treatment promptly. We have the technology and expertise to handle a wide range of dental emergencies, from chipped teeth and knocked-out teeth to injuries to the gums and soft tissues of the mouth.

        • Minimally Invasive Techniques: Whenever possible, we prioritize minimally invasive techniques to minimize discomfort and preserve healthy tooth structure. We’ll discuss all treatment options with you clearly and ensure you understand the benefits and risks before proceeding.

        • Transparent Communication: At Beecroft Smiles, clear communication is key. We’ll explain your diagnosis in simple terms and answer any questions you may have thoroughly. You’ll be fully informed and involved in every step of the treatment process.

        • Comfortable and Welcoming Environment: We understand that dental visits can cause anxiety, especially during emergencies. We’ve designed our clinic in Beecroft to be warm, welcoming, and comfortable. Our friendly staff will do everything they can to make you feel relaxed and at ease.

      Taking Action After a Dental Injury:

      Knowing what to do immediately after a tooth injury can significantly improve the chances of saving the tooth. Here are some essential steps to remember:

          • Stay Calm: Take a deep breath and assess the situation. If there’s bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth to control it.

          • Locate the Tooth: If a tooth is knocked out, find it if possible. Do not touch the root, but hold it by the crown (the white part you see in your mouth).

          • Clean the Tooth: If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with milk or lukewarm water. Do not use soap or harsh chemicals.

          • Reimplant the Tooth (if possible): If the tooth is completely knocked out and you can safely place it back in the socket, try to do so. Bite down gently on a gauze pad or tissue to hold it in place.

          • Seek Immediate Dental Care: Regardless of the severity of the injury, it’s crucial to see a dentist as soon as possible. Even minor chips or cracks can lead to further problems if left untreated.

        Getting Help at Beecroft Smiles:

        If you’ve experienced tooth trauma, don’t delay in seeking help. Remember, time is critical! Call Beecroft Smiles immediately at 02 8411 2314. We’ll do our best to schedule you for an appointment on the same day to assess the damage and determine the best course of treatment.


        At Beecroft Smiles, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional dental care when you need it most. Let us help you address your dental emergency and restore your smile to its full health and function.



        • Dr. Sharmila Wazir

          I’m a passionate local who’s been serving the Beecroft community for serveral years.My mission is to bring the brightest smile in your face. I believe in catching problems early on to keep your smile healthy for years to come. That’s why I focus on early intervention and minimally invasive treatments whenever possible.But dentistry is more than just fixing teeth; it’s about creating a positive experience. I love listening to your needs and concerns, providing a comprehensive diagnosis, and crafting the most comfortable treatment plan possible.