Dr Sue-Jean provides orthodontics treatments using the latest IP Appliance ™ system. This system has proven to be the most cost-effective method of orthodontics. Cases typically finish in 40% less time by adding torque and rotations of teeth early in the treatment. This system also uses the optimal archwire shape for each patient based on each individual’s anatomy and case goals. More importantly, results are more stable as teeth have been in the final position for longer at the end of the treatment period.

Dr Sue-Jean uses brackets and archforms customised for the patient to minimise wire bending. This improves the consistency of the results and will give the patient the best looking smile and functional bite. The patient’s braces are individually designed, tailored to their anatomy and case goals unlike other orthodontic appliances.

When should you consider orthodontics for your child?

Your child should be assessed at a young age as it can give a better outcome if your child is going to need braces later on.

We might treat a noticeable overbite of underbite first. Later, we can apply a second phase of treatment, which will be more successful because of the earlier intervention.

What about orthodontics for adults?

Before any major dental work is performed, orthodontically moving teeth into more favourable positions will improve the final outcome.

Our Process:

  • We will take initial photos and impressions of your bite
  • We will design a treatment plan and address any questions or concerns you may have
  • We will prepare and fit your customized appliance
  • We will tailor adjustment visits around your schedule and regularly monitor your progress

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