Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guards

Custom mouth Guards are an essential part of any kid or adult playing contact sports. Mouth Guards form a protective layer over the upper teeth, offering protection to both the lips and teeth from damage and injury. Many athletes are increasingly using mouth guards, especially those in contact sports like rugby, soccer, and hockey.

Protecting Your Smile

Custom-made mouth gurads provide superior fit and protection compared to generic, off-the-shelf models. Prefabricated guards are often bulky and uncomfortable, especially if you are wearing braces. They lack adequate protection in comparison to the ones which are custom-made to fit for each individual’s bite and teeth structure.


Custom mouth guards also help reduce concussion risk, as they help absorb shock from impacts. This reduces the risk of related injury, while still allowing the athlete to communicate effectively with teammates.

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Crafted with Precision

We offer a choice of colours, so you can represent your favourite club. We do double layers, and can raise or lower the ridge for your comfort. Unlike other clinics, our labs can produce your mouthguards in just a few days, and we offer next-day emergency service as well.

A custom-fitted mouthguard, tailored to the athlete’s mouth, ensures comfort while safeguarding teeth, lips, and gums against impact. Constructed from superior quality materials, it offers enduring protection and durability, essential for safeguarding the athlete’s mouth during vigorous physical activities or contact sports.


With time, signs of wear and tear will emerge on the device, signaling the need for replacement to maintain optimal protection, especially as the material begins to thin.

Maintaining the mouthguard is crucial; it should be cleaned after each game and practice. A gentle scrub with a damp toothbrush prevents bacterial growth, averting potential odors or illnesses. Subsequently, it should be stored in a container with ventilation until its next use.


Don’t let your season get interrupted with an emergency visit to the dentist. The best way to protect your smile is to invest in a comfortable mouthguard, so you can play your best game.

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Popular Questions Answered....

Australian Football League (AFL) players typically use custom-fitted mouthguards made by dental professionals. These mouthguards are designed specifically for each player’s mouth, providing the best fit, comfort, and protection. Custom mouthguards can absorb and disperse the impact more effectively, reducing the risk of dental injuries during games.

Difference Between a Sports Mouthguard and a Dental Mouth Guard:

  • Sports Mouthguard: Designed specifically for protecting the teeth and soft tissues from injury during physical and contact sports. These mouthguards are thicker and provide more cushioning to absorb impacts.

  • Dental Mouth Guard: Often used to prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) or to treat TMJ disorders. These are typically worn at night and are not intended for impact protection. They may be thinner and designed to prevent tooth wear rather than absorb significant impact.

Yes, sports mouthguards are effective in reducing the risk of dental injuries. They work by cushioning blows to the face, minimizing the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face, or jaw. They are considered an essential piece of protective gear in contact sports and activities with a significant risk of impact to the face.

A sports mouthguard should ideally cover all the upper teeth in most cases, as the upper jaw is more vulnerable to impacts. It’s designed to fit snugly over the teeth and gums to provide maximum protection against injuries. The coverage and design might vary based on the sport, the athlete’s dental anatomy, and personal comfort preferences. However, the primary goal is to ensure adequate protection while maintaining comfort and allowing for normal breathing and speaking.