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We Offer Same-Day Walk-in Dental Emergency Services for Your Convenience.

If you have a broken tooth, severe toothache, need an urgent extraction or root canal treatment, don’t hesitate to call us. For urgent dental emergencies, we do everything to see you on the same day.

Dental Emergencies? We've Got You Covered!

Stuck with a dental emergency? Don’t wait in agony! Beecroft Smiles offers immediate dental care!

We can handle any urgent dental problem, including chipped or broken teeth, root canal issues, 

and tooth extraction. Call (02) 8411 2314 for professional help and advice. 

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental situation that requires immediate professional attention to alleviate pain, prevent further damage, or stop bleeding. Here are some common examples of dental emergencies:

  • Broken/Cracked/Chipped Teeth​
  • Deep Tooth Decay​
  • Extremely Sensitive Teeth​
  • Lost Crown or Filling​
  • Swollen Gums​
  • Severe Toothache​
  • Root Canal Pain
  • Wisdom Teeth Pain
  • Exposed or Dying Nerves
broken tooth

Broken/Cracked/Chipped Teeth

root canal

Root Canal Pain

dying nerves

Exposed or Dying Nerves

tooth decay1

Deep Tooth Decay

dental filling

Lost Crown or Filling

swollen gums

Swollen Gums

emergency dentist pages

Wisdom Teeth Pain

severe dental pain

Severe Toothache

Managing Dental Emergencies

Extremely Sensitive Teeth

We are Your Emergency Dentists in Breecroft

When you face a dental emergency, it is crucial that you seek immediate treatment to alleviate pain, prevent further damage, and address any underlying infection or other serious concerns. 


We are equipped to handle a wide range of emergency dental situations, and we make every effort to see patients the same day or as soon as possible.

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Why Choose US?

Same Day Emergency Policy: We offer same day emergency appointments. Our Same Day Emergency policy means that we’ll do everything in our power to see you on the same day and provide you with the relief you need.

Faster Appointments: Local emergency dentists can often schedule appointments much quicker than dentists located further away, minimizing your pain and anxiety.

Familiarity with Local Specialists: In some rare cases, your emergency may require advanced treatment from a specialist. We can diagnose the level of treatment and attention you need and refer to the right specialists in the Beecroft  area – if necessary.


Convenience and Comfort: Traveling long distances while experiencing dental pain can be excruciating. Local dentists like us are closer to your home, which minimizes your travel discomfort.

Continuity of Care: Since we are local dentists, your future dental care and follow-up appointments will be conducted at the same convenient location.

More Reasons to Contact US for Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies are stressful and disruptive. Our team is dedicated to providing fast, effective, and compassionate emergency dental care to alleviate your pain and restore your oral health.

We offer flexible appointment scheduling, including after-hours and weekend (Saturday) appointments, to accommodate your needs during a dental emergency.

Contact us today if you are experiencing a dental emergency. We will do our best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible and get you the relief you deserve.

We are committed to your oral health and well-being. Explore the following pages on our website to learn more about dental emergencies and how we can help!

Remember, a prompt response to a dental emergency is crucial to minimize complications and ensure a successful outcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Don't Wait for the Pain to Get Worse!

If you experience any of these symptoms, call Beecroft Smiles immediately. We’re here to help you through the emergency calmly and professionally.

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Remember, you're not alone!

Beecroft Smiles is always here to provide the care and support you need, even in the most unexpected situations.

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Dental Emergency? But stairs, lifts or elevators are a problem?

Our single-level clinic is entirely wheelchair accessible, with no stairs, lifts, or elevators to navigate.

This makes it easy for patients of all abilities to receive the dental care they need.

wheelchair access

And, we are conveniently located in Beecroft with plenty of parking.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Dentistry

The emergency room (ER) can provide temporary relief for tooth pain by administering pain medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. They may also offer antibiotics if there is an infection present. However, ERs are generally not equipped to provide definitive dental care such as fillings or extractions for tooth pain.

An extreme dental emergency typically involves severe pain, swelling, bleeding, or trauma to the mouth or teeth. This could include a knocked-out tooth, a severe infection, or a fractured jaw.

In Australia, the emergency room may provide similar treatments for tooth pain as mentioned above, including pain medication and antibiotics. However, the specific medications offered may vary depending on the hospital’s protocols and the severity of the condition.

The most common emergency in a dental office is toothache or dental pain. This can be caused by various factors such as tooth decay, infection, trauma, or gum disease. Other common dental emergencies include broken or knocked-out teeth, abscesses, and injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth.